Labor Day

We went to Shasta Lake for Labor Day weekend with our friends Rhett and Lanea. They have a boat so we went boarding, and the girls were tubing. It was so HOT and the water was so warm. We had a great time, even I went wakeboarding.

Riding Bikes

Maizy learned how to ride her bike without training wheels and has been riding her bike everyday since. She loves it!!! It only took her 2 days of a little practice and Dad's encouragement and she is a PRO. She is growing up so fast!!!

First Day of School

I can't believe Maizy is in Kindergarten already. I miss her so much during the day but I know she is having fun and learning so much already. She told me that the best part of the day is recess and that "rest time" is soooo boring and that you just sit there and do nothing. She is so cute, I am so blessed to have her.


Maizy had her first soccer game on the 18th of Sept. It was great. She had no idea what she was doing but she was running her little heart out and keeping up with the kids and the ball. She might need to borrow some of Tava's meaness. Ha Ha, just kidding I'm sure she will get more aggressive the more she understands the game, it is just fun to watch her. Tava really loves to watch her too, I love the way they are such good friends.

Trip to Washington

We had an amazing trip to Washington to visit the family. Billy couldn't go because of work but me and the kids had a great time. Jake and Mel were there this time and we got to spend a whole week with them and their cutie Paige the Pistol. She was lots of fun and Maizy and Tava wanted to take her home with us. We love to see Kristy and the Kiddos and Jen and Mike are so fun and they like to spoil the kids and Jen spoils me by doing my hair. Grandma and Grandpa are the best to have us for so long, the kids love them so much and it kills us when we have to leave. Here are some fun pictures of our time at Washington, we loved to play outside because it was sooooo nice and hot there.

Riding in Cars

We love going outside and riding in our barbie cars!! Even Miles likes to hang out with them. Tava is getting great at steering her car and doesn't need to ride with Maizy all the time. Good times!!!

More at the Beach

Day at the Beach

This was a great time at the beach. We haven't had a lot of sunny days so this was really nice and to have Billy which has been working nonstop was AWESOME. The kids love their Daddy and I love to spend time with him too. He also makes really cool castles, motes, and pools that they can play in. This was actually Miles's first time at the beach, it really hasn't been nice enough. We had tons of fun.

I just don't know what to say, they are so cute!!!