Last night was Halloween and as you can see we all dressed up. We didn't get one of Billy but he was a werewolf again this year, it was still as good as last year. It was actually so warm and pretty windy but it was a great night to be out and about. Maizy was a pro at knocking and getting that candy, even Tava got some candy because the ladies thought she was soooo cute. She really was cute. Maizy's cousin Kaiden came with us and went to all the doors with Maizy, but he liked to go a little futher than just the front door, he would buzz all the way in since he was a cute bumble bee. It was pretty funny when Crystal (his mom) had to run into the house, (far into the house) to go get him. This just wasn't one house it was all the houses, he was really cute and very scared of Billy when he put his werewolf mask on. We came back to the house to a huge party. We had a lot of our friends over to play games and hang out. We had a great time and the kids were REALLY buzzed on candy. It was a great Halloween!!
Today we went to the beach because it was finally warm enough and it was probably the last warm day for the rest of the year. We always have a good time at the beach, being able to drive along the water and enjoy everything is so much fun. We go down to Moonstone where the river goes into the ocean. It was pretty warm and the dogs love to go swimming. WE LOVE THE BEACH!!!
We went to the pumpkin patch with Maizy's preschool class. Maizy was excited all week to go, it was all she could talk about. We went on October 17, it was great. After, we went out to pizza and it was a fun night altogether.