Long Time

Sorry it has been such a long time since I have written anything. I should have had a lot of pictures but for some reason our camera is missing and so is all of our Disneyland pictures. We also went to Marine World for Labor Day weekend which was a blast. I will have to get pictures up. But for now I just wanted to update you all on what is going on. We found out we are having a boy and are very excited. Only 10 more weeks and he will be here. I am scared and excited to have a new little one. Maizy couldn't be happier and Tava doesn't have a clue to what is coming. I hope she does well with not being the baby anymore. Billy has been really busy with work and we are so blessed because he is such a hard worker. I don't think I thank him enough for what he gives to us, and I still nag him about spending more time with us. I should be more grateful. Well, that's about it I will post some pictures soon.


Well, we might as well tell the world now that we know. Another baby is on the way. He or She is due on DEC. 18 , as of my ultrasound that was today I am currently 9 weeks along and hopefully I will only have to endure 3 more weeks of this terrible sick feeling. Hope everyone is as excited as Maizy. She has informed us many times that she is really looking forward to having a brother, we shall see.


We had lots of fun on Easter. Tava was a crack up with the eggs, she would just throw them in the bucket and they would crack. Maizy was a crazy girl, she could spot eggs a mile away. Needless to say we always love to watch the girls do fun things, they make it so much more interesting.


Maizy is growing up so fast. She has just ended her first full year of preschool and she is already bored being at home with old mom. She loves playing with her friends and she has such a wonderful imagination I have to laugh and take pictures when she is dressed up and being so cute.


Billy has been working so hard on the Blue Lake Casino Hotel and I am so proud of him. The hotel is so big and Billy has been a huge contractor on the project. When another contractor couldn't hold it together Billy and the crew were the one's that did everything they couldn't. The whole crew has worked so hard and has done such a great job. They have done the siding, pick up framing, tile bathrooms, granite countertops, and so much more that I don't even know what he does all day. I am so proud of what a great job he has done.


Wow, I haven't updated this in so long so I will try to backtrack a little till I get to where we are now. I have been getting pestered by some about my blog so I will try to do better. I will start with Christmas because I have some great pictures of Maizy and Tava in the snow with Grandma and Grandpa. Christmas was great, we always have so much fun!!!